Annelie Eriksson


Västanberg 26

790 21 Bjursås


+46(0)73-068 73 70




Mohammed Bin Rashid attends endurance race at Euston Park, UK - Emirates 24/7 *nytt


Annelie Eriksson spurtvann på miljontävlingen *nytt


Dalaryttare vann internationell miljontävling -SVT nytt


Prestigefylld seger för distansryttare från Bjurås -P4 SRnytt


Svensk distansseger i Euston Park nytt


Annelie interviewed by Endurance World


Great weekend for Annelie Eriksson


Spring was in the air at Feldborg Ride


Annelie interviewed in the cage of the TV host Kodjo during Musikhjälpen


Annelie and Bosse arrive at the "Love's Square" during Musikhjälpen


The pony Bosse collected money to Musikhjälpen


Annelie participates in Sweden Radios Equestrianpodcast


Gold for Sweden


Double NBC-gold medal in endurance


Annelie Eriksson was awarded "This years Bjursing"


Annelie are 1 of 5 Swedish riders selected for the World Chamipionship in Slovakia.


Annelie selected for the World Championship in Samorin, Slovakien


Annelie and Shajfaklaan selected for WC 2016


Annelie invited to Dubai Crown Prince Cup


Annelie completes the desert race in Dubai


The rider from Bjursås completes 160 km in Dubai –

on a horse that has never been to the desert


Annelie gets Italian reinforcement


Annelie being stopped at young horse World



Spanish double at Masters Competition


Annelie Eriksson 6th on first day


Ready for start at World Championships in Samorin


Annelie selected for World Championships


Rider for European Championships Endurance Riding


Fifth Swedish Championship Gold for Annelie


Annelie superior Swedish Championship Gold


Annelie won Endurance Swedish Championship


Annelie in the top in Italy


Annelie third in Italy


Eriksson can win fine prize at gala


Annelie sensationwins at Fontainebleau


National team rider inspires at Glimåkra


Annelie appointed profile of the month in “Falun-Borlänge region”


Bjursås rider praised at Berns


Good endurance race last Sunday at


Won with half a horse length


Annelie Eriksson won in Italy


Nice victory for Annelie Eriksson


Eriksson made the European Championship qualification


Dalacarlia rider gets DT-sports prize


Large international demand


Annelie now aims for European Championship qualification


She won the impossible race


CEI*: The surprise is called Annelie Eriksson


Annelie flew to victory


Endurance rider from Bjursås is the first fulltime professional in Sweden


Tough ride gave silver and bronze


An amazing comeback


The road back


Pressrelease-Skyr-Icelandic yoghurt- sponsor for Swedish Champion endurance riding


Skyr sponsor for Swedish Champion endurance riding


Annelie forced to discontinue on stage 3, 3x70 km CEI***


Annelie forced to discontinue Endurance World Championship


Annelie’s World Championship dream “new record time”


Endurance debut in masterclass


Kavli CEO borrows horse from Annelie to test endurance riding


Annelie – a modern professional rider


Endurance star provides tips – how to train for increased sustainability


Annelie Eriksson chosen to represent Sweden at Endurance World Championships in England


Annelie and Dahle Swedish champions


Bull’s-eye for Annelie at Swedish Endurance Championships


Annelie Eriksson and Dahle best in Sweden, Swedish Championship gold


Annelie and Dahle won at Göingeritten 2012


Annelie took the Swedish Championship gold!


Annelie is Swedish Endurance Champion


Eriksson Swedish Champion in Endurance


Annelie and Dahle brought home the Swedish Championship gold


Annelie wins in Gartow, Germany


Annelie and King Peak won 160 km CEI***


Good race for Annelie


Freedom Horseriding President Cup 2012


Annelie made the Swedish recordtime on a borrowed horse


Annelie performed in President Cup


Annelie invited to Abu Dhabi


Swedish rider starts in President Cup


Annelie Eriksson rides President Cup


Annelie rides Italian horse in desert race


The only Swedish rider in Abu Dhabi


Lone Swede in this year’s President Cup


A peak for Annelie


National endurance team at equestrian Gala


Strong contribution by Annelie Eriksson at European Championships


Annelie Eriksson 10th place at European Endurance Championships


Annelie and Dahle 10th place at European Endurance Championships


Annelie – a professional through and through


Annelie Eriksson got Swedish Championship silver


Pre European Endurance Championships


European Championship training camp in Bjursås


Annelie champion at Nordic Baltic Endurance Championships


Annelie won the Swedish Championships


Great faith in the future


Annelie Eriksson new total frontrunner in the Onsala

Arabians Cup


Annelie and Dahle 7th place in World Championships


Dalacarlia rider top place at World Championships


Great Swedish results at Young Rider Endurance World Championships


Endurance Young Rider World Championships – Annelie Eriksson 7th place


Annelie qualified for Young Rider Endurance World Championships


Ready for Young Rider Endurance World Championships


Annelie best in Sweden for the third time


Gold and silver for Annelie Eriksson


Annelie Eriksson 7th at Endurance World Championships


Annelie Eriksson- Profil