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Annelie and Jumeirah Palm won 80 km CEI* at HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival, UK Endurance Masters in England at 21,2 km/h.

Annelies horses King Peak and King of Pirates was also approved in 80 km CEI* at 15,2 km/h

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Interview with Annelie after the win in Euston Park -SVT Nyheter

Mohammed bin Rashid attends endurance race in Euston Park -Emirates 24/7

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Annelie och Jumeirah Palm vann 80 km CEI* i Wies-Ebiswald,Österrike på 16,5 km/h.

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Annelie was interviewed by Endurance World. Read it HERE

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Annelie and Jumeirah Palm was approved at the Wångenride 80 km nat, 11,9 km/h.

Annelie rode El Dor Pribot at his first qualifier at the Göingeride.

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Annelie and King Peak placed 12:th in The Netherlands, Ermelo 160 km CEI*** at 16,4 km/h.

Annelie and Jumeirah Palm placed 5:th at the Vasaride 50 km nat, 15,9 km/h.

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King of Pirates was awarded "Champion of the year 2016" in Dalarna.



Annelie and King Peak won 80 km CEI* in Denmark 25 of mars, at 19,3 km/h.

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AE Enduranceriding participated in Fontainebleau with results as follow:

Annelie and King of Pirates was approved at 14,75 km/h in 160 km CEI***.

Annelie and Delperspex Lucus was approved at 14,84 km/h in 120 km CEI**.

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New horse at AE Endurance Riding!

DELPERSPEX LUCUS, mare by Arques Perspex (Persik) - Delicada.

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Annelie since 23 of january approved as a C-trainer for the Swedish Equestrian Federation.



Annelie participated during the December 14-18 in the arrangement Musikhjälpen with a ride where she, along with friends and the pony Bosse, rode from Bjursås to Örebro, a distance of 200 kilometers.

The event raised over 50,000 kronor to Musikhjälpen.

The events page on Facebook you will find HERE, there are lots of movies from the ride and Bosses antics along the way.

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Annelie participates in Sweden Radios Equestrianpodcast for a 30 minute episode.

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Annelie won with King of Pirates at 16,97 km/h both the individual gold and the gold medal with the Swedish team at the Nordic Baltic Championship 126 km CEI** in Denmark 6 augusti.

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Annelie with Shajfaklaan was selected for the World Championship in Samorin, Slovakien 17 september!

And King Peak was also selected as an reserve for the Championship.

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Annelie was 24 july awarded the price for "This years Bjursing 2016".

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Annelie and Jumiera Palm qualified at Laxåride 40 km the 23/7.

Jumiera Palm is new at the stable, e: Monsieur al Maury, ue: Dormane.

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Annelie and Nite Flyte won and was awarded Best Condition at the Svegsride, 17,4 km/h.

King of Pirates won 80 km with rider Emma Rogström at the Wångenride, 15,7 km/h.

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Annelie and King of Pirates placed 6:th at the Göingeride 120 km CEI**, 15,2 km/h.

Also Nite Flyte with rider Emma Rogström approved in the 80 km at 13,2 km/h.

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Annelie and Nite Flyte approved at the Sämsholmsride 50 km, 13,9 km/h.

Also Snazzys Precious Elita with rider Emma Rogström approved in the 50 km at 13,9 km/h.

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Annelie and King of Pirates approved at 90 km CEI*, 14,93 km/h in Fontainebleau, FRA.

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Annelie Eriksson and AE Endurance Riding, present a new partner,

Maximum -Equestrian Equipment

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New pressphotos are available at the page "Media"

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Annelie is invited to Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup March 19, 2016 in Dubai, UAE.

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Annelie and Shajfaklaan approved at 15.53 km / h in HH Sh.Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup 160 km CEI *** in Dubai, UAE.

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Annelie passed the desert race in Dubai -Hippson

The rider from Bjursås did 160 km in Dubai - a horse that has never been in the desert

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Annelie Eriksson and AE Endurance Riding, present a new partner,

Haakans Horse Transport

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Annelie is invited to participate in SH HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, Dubai UAE January 9, 2016.

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Annelie placed 2nd with Italian horse Quaissa del Ma in Follonica, ITA.

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Annelie is ranked 34th in the FEI's Open Riders rankings.

Annelie Eriksson second in Follonica

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Annelie rode Quaissa del Ma to 12th place in Italy, 100 km CEI *.

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Annelie gets Italian strengthening the stables

Annelie stopped at the Young Horse World Championships, the horse was sold.

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Annelie is at Freedom Horse Riding Endurance Team in Italy for traning.

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Annelie has been selected to represent Sweden at the European Championships in Samorin,

Slovakia on 12 September.

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Annelie won Simlångsritten 120 km CEI ** and Deres was awarded the Best Condition.

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Annelie placed as 3rd individual and took gold with the Swedish team at the Nordic Baltic Championship, Kristinehamn.

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Annelie compete in Castiglione de Lago, Italy July 10 to 12.



Annelie won the national championships in 2015 at the Goingeride!

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Annelie 3d in Italy

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The racingseason 2015 started, with results of Fontainebleau and the Lovisdals ride.

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Annelie Eriksson is nominated in the category of "world's best female endurance rider"

at Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Darley Award i Los Angeles.

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Arabiangelding Nadim standing in training at AE Endurance Riding is for sale.



Annelie Eriksson and AE Endurance Riding is proud to announce a new partner, AB Hammarprodukter!

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Annelie gives a lecture at Glimåkra Ryttarförening January 31.

"Nationalteamstar inspire at Glimårka"

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